CellBIM 365

CellBIM 365 allows you to download your 2d drawings and BIM models from the BimCT cloud rather than embedding them in the Excel files. Upload your models easily on the BIM City Cloud and access them from Excel and also from your Mobile Devices.

BimCT for Excel

Access your Models from your browser and within Excel

CellBIM 365 extends your model accessibility from within browsers and excel. Upload easily your models on the BimCT Cloud and make sure your team has access to the latest versions of the models or drawings.

  • Product Feature

    Access your Model Repository from anywhere

    Create folders to store multiple project models and manage revisions from within your browser.

  • Product Feature

    Use your mobile devices

    Check your model repository from within your mobile device. Open models and browse through their metadata.

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Files & Storage

CellBIM Viewer

Free CellBIM (*.XLSx) & IFC Reader.


Extension to the .XLSx format.


Extension to the .XLSx format.

CellBIM 365

Work with BimCT & Microsoft 365.

Load IFC files

Load BIM files (IFC, DWG, Revit, Navisworks, Sketchup, Bentley, 3D Assets etc)

Load 2D drawing files (PDF, DWG, DGN, Raster Images)

Connect to AutoDESK BIM 360 Cloud and download compatible file formats

Upload Models and Connections to the Cloud for use with Microsoft 365 apps and the Web-AddIn

Renderer Functions

High Performance OpenGL 4.5 Renderer

(Desktop Add-In Only)

Fallback to DirectX 11 or WebGL2 renderer

Full Shaders Support (Transparent, Realistic, Hidden Lines, Shadows etc)

Pick Elements by Rubberband

Pick Measurements by Rubberband

Pick BIM Elements

Pick BIM Faces and Lines

Measure Areas, Volumes, Lengths and Points

Object SNAP to commonly needed points


Use Drag and Drop to Link Cells with Design Data

(Desktop Add-In Only)

Link Elements and Properties with Cells

Link Quantity Takeoffs with Cells and Formulas

Connection Creation Formulas

Parametric Query Based Quantity Takeoffs

Colorize Connections (Elements, Faces, Lines, Areas, Lengths, Points)

Auto-Match Cell Styles with Connection Colors

Update Design Model Changes

BIM Data Tables

Use Drag and Drop to Create Excel Tables from Model Metadata

Create Clash Detection Tables

Coming Soon

Populate Models

Calibrate, scale, move and align multiple design files on a single 3D scene

Calculate Quantities of BIM Elements using Geometry

Re-Classify BIM Elements using Machine Learing

Coming Soon Coming Soon

Add new Design 3D Elements

Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Edit BIM Elements and Properties

Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Export Models to IFC

Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Everything inside Microsoft Excel®

Embed all your 2D drawings and 3D models inside your spreadsheets. Work interactively with them and avoid storing and sharing multiple files.

The easiest and more effective solution for Excel users that use drawings or 3D models for their everyday tasks.