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Work with RVT, IFC, SKP, DWFx, I.DGN and 3D Asset files directly in your Excel Workbooks.

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    $ 109/monthone time payment of $ 1308 total
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can only cancel your subscription within the 30 days period of your subscription. If you cancel within this period you will be charged the amount of 2months x the monthly amount of leasing the license at no subscription commitment fee. You cannot cancel after the 30 first calendar days period has passed. If you are not sure about the product we strongly recommend downloading the free trial to test it or contact Nomitech for further information.

We do offer 5% discount for 6 to 10 licenses bought together. For 11 or more licenses please contact Nomitech to receive an official quote. Enterprise wide or project wide arrangements for 50 or more licenses are also available.

You can easily de-activate your License from one machine and activate it to another one by using the CellBIM sub-menu under the Excel Ribbon File menu. The only thing required is Internet access on both machines.

Yes, you will need direct Internet access to activate your CellBIM license. However Internet is not required after activation. We do provide offline License activation but these licenses are non transferable.

Yes, you will be notified by the System whenever a new version of CellBIM is available. We do provide 24 hour reply e-mail and ticket based support for CellBIM issue tracking.

  • CellBIM Viewer

    Free tool that can open CellBIM and IFC files inside Excel® Spreadsheets. Allows view of model properties and quantities.

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  • Cell2D

    Work with 2D Design Files like PDF, DWG, DGN and Raster Images directly in your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets.

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  • CellBIM

    Work with PDF, DWG, DGN, RVT, IFC, SKP, DWFx, I.DGN and 3D Asset files directly in your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets.

    Discover CellBIM
  • CellBIM Cloud

    Subscribe and share your work in real time on the web and Tablets with Microsoft 365 Cloud.

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